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Throughout history, wearing white at social justice demonstrations has signaled peace and solidarity in the fight for equality.


Inspired by the ghost flags of For Those Who Have Seen the Elephant, these handmade masks merge the stars and stripes with the practice of wearing white as a daily demonstration while helping you stay safe as we battle the COVID-19 pandemic. 100% eco-friendly cotton provides a durable yet soft base layer of protection, followed by a cotton pattern layer and a third layer of sheer voile fabric. Tubular elastic straps allow for an adjustable, comfortably snug fit, and act as a lanyard for keeping your mask on you while not in use. The folded design creates a tent around your mouth, allowing lip balm to stay on your lips.

Ghost Flag Mask

  • Durable yet soft 100% eco-friendly cotton base layer, cotton pattern layer, outer voile layer; adjustable straps allow you to wear mask around neck when not in use. Masks are made to order, and are sanitized and sealed prior to shipping.

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